Questions you may have, answered here...

Q. Are your buttons for sewing?
A. No. Our buttons are made with metal casing and have a magnet nestle inside. They are made to interchange magnetically into your tLb pendant, bracelet or ring.

Q. How does tLb work?
A. Choose a base piece of jewellery eg. Pendant, Ring and/or Bracelet with your choice of necklace and then as many buttons to interchange as you like.

Q. What is the jewellery made from?
Most of our jewellery is surgical Stainless Steel. The $25.00 Pendant is made of Alloy, it is lead free but contains 5% nickel in the coating.

Q. Do you ship International?
A. Yes we do. We ship NZ Post. If you require your order to be couriered, please email us for rates.

Q. How long until I recieve my order?
A. All orders are sent out in courier bags, generally arriving within 1-3 working days nationwide. International 5-10 working days.

Q. Is there a warranty?
A. All base jewellery has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.

Buttons have 3 month warranty.

Q. Can i return my purchase?
A. Yes. We will exchange any purchase made, but you must return it to us along with a self addressed envelope or courier bag.

Q. Are my buttons waterproof?
A. No. They are not. The buttons contain a paper print over a steel casing, held together with a plastic filo. Therefor the button will age over time and enhanced more so if contacted with water, dampness, humidity or constant exposure to water and direct sunshine. 

Q. I have lost my button?!
A. We use the highest quality magnet which allowes the button to stay in the jewellery, but also making it possible to remove for the interchangeable aspect of tLb. We are not responsible if they are lost.

Thank you